100% Guaranteed Solution to Speed up your Cooking Like a Professional Chef.

 “This Rare Magic 10 in 1 Kitchen Solution helped me Save My Marriage of 4 years!”


Those that Don’t Cook or Enter kitchen cannot understand the Stress that comes with cooking especially when you have a lot of chopping, cutting and Dicing to do.


If I remember it eh, especially the fact I come out of the kitchen from bleeding hands as a result of knife cuts almost all the time, My Heart just jumps into my Mouth and I just start seeing my ancestors coming out from their grave lol.


Are you Tired of Wasting hours in the Kitchen on a Simple Meal?


Are you Afraid of Knives or Tired of Cutting yourself?


Do you Want to Earn the Undying Love of your Wife, Husband, or Fiancée?


Do you want to make more Presentable Meals?


Do you want to be Seen and Applauded like a Professional Chef?


Would you Like a More Portable Faster Approach to Cooking?


If your Answer is Yes to Any of the Above Questions, Then Make sure to Stick to this Page to the End?  


God Wiped away my Tears of 4 Years and finally made my husband love me like Kilode, and Made me to be Loved by all.   He Turned my Tears into Joy  People now Call Me Chef Chi, and My Husband Always comes home first Few minutes after work just to Eat my Food.  


My Name is Edith Collins, My Problem Started In 2015 the beginning of my Nightmare.  


When I was Still afraid of Entering the Kitchen, because whenever I enter the Kitchen, I always Cry like a Baby, my eyes will hurt so much, and it didn’t allow me to see because of gas from the Onions, and more so I was Very slow at cooking.


I hated Cutting Onions, Tomatoes, Carrot, Potatoes and all, anything Cutting or Slicing, I hated it, and I still Do.  


So we would always order Food from outside, soon we had ran into Hundreds of thousands of Naira on Monthly Food Orders alone, yet we were not even getting the Full Satisfaction you get from a home cooked meal.


I slimmed down so much, I didn’t know if it was the food or that I was concerned for my husband who always complained, I wanted to Improved, I wanted my husband to be able to enjoy Homemade meals…  


I Hired a Female Cook

Rumours began to Spread about my husband, that he was sleeping with our cook, some said that I deserved It, some said that I was not a wife material, some said that I was too Proud and Bossy.


Some said that why I was Slimming down because I was because i was having marital issues, and that my husband was going to Divorce me soon.  


To be Frank with you, I almost Committed Suicide.  


I visited several marriage Counsellors, and Finally I Decided to Sack our Cook and go to a Catering School, Eventually I Improved greatly, my cooking was always superb, everyone at the school Applauded my ability to Learn Quickly.  


But generally, I was still not able to Make food for my husband because I was still having problem handling Knives, I cut myself all the time, and I was slow in cooking, was Still having Teary Eyes when cutting onions, and its Hurts so much.  


My Husband would complain and we would quarrel and Fight all the time, until he started complaining to my family so much that they almost hated me for it, soon my Husband started Eating Outside and staying out late.  


We Hired a Male Cook

Peace Returned to my Home, atleast so i thought. My Husband started Returning home gradually. Few Months after employing the new Cook, we noticed that Food stuffs that lasted for a Month started to Last just 1 Week, I began to Notice that my Underwear’s and Jewries were disappearing, things started missing in the House.


One Faithful day I just decided to Search the Belongings of our Cook, Lo and Behold, this boy was Stocking my belongings and Foodstuffs in his bags, thank God he did not even poison us before i got him arrested.  


And things became worse.


4 Years of pain and Fights is not a Joking matter, I lived in Fear  waiting for the day my husband will wake up and ask me to leave his house.  


At a point I gave up and Resigned to Fate, I would cry every day because I was gradually losing my husband.


Anytime I See food, my heart sank, because it reminded me of my Fear and inability to cook, and I would go into another round of cry, Depression Struck me like a Thunderbolt but I kept praying and Believing God for a Change of my Story.


Until a Call That Changed My Life

A Friend of mine from the U.K Who Knew What I Was Passing Through Told Me About this 10 in 1 Kitchen Solution that everyone has been talking about.


According to her she has not ordered food outside in a long time Unlike Most of her colleagues, she has been using this 10 in 1 Kitchen Solution for a while now and it takes her less than 20 minutes do her cooking.  


This Same 10 in 1 Kitchen Solution has Helped more than 162 others Improve their cooking Experience.  


I decided to give it the benefits of doubt, after all I didn’t know who God Would use to save me.  


Long Story Short  


When I spoke with him, what he Revealed to me changed my life forever. I heard how his Application to work in Restaurants was denied severally for over 10 years and was unable to fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming a Chef because of his Inability to used Knives until he came across this 10 in 1 Kitchen Solution.  


According to him, he had lost all the hope of ever getting rid of the problem, and at a Point he thought that somebody had sent “Otumokpo” on his Destiny.


Like Play Like Play, he has become one of the most sort after chef.  


After my Encounter with him, I HAD HOPE AGAIN AND PEACE OF MIND.

I began to have hope that if God could use this 10 in 1 Kitchen Solution to bless him, then my Own was not Impossible with God.   So I contacted my Friend Who Shipped down the Product for me, I got the 10 in 1 Kitchen Solution and began to use for myself.  


After receiving the Product, I decided to go back to Cooking...


My husband was in Shock and disbelieve when I told him I was going to start cooking for him again. After the First meal I made for him in Years, I could still remember his Words.


He Said “I have Finally gotten my Love Back, you are the Best” I was so Happy that I asked my Friend to give me the Contact of the Seller.


Like Play Like Play, My Family and Friend troop over to my House almost Every Weekend just so they could taste my food, They Now Call my Chef Chi.  


I now Cook with The High Speed and Preciseness of a Professional Chef, Cooking has become Stress Free and Fun for me, My Food looks Extremely Presentable and I can’t even stop Crushing on myself.  



I know what it feels like to go through Stress of Spending Hours in the Kitchen on a Simple Meal, because of Dicing, Grinding, Cutting, Slicing, only to Come out With bleeding finger or dish that is not looking presentable.


I Know there are Numerous Women and Men who are Tired of the Kitchen Stress, who are Afraid of sharp Knife, those that Cry all the Time from Slicing Onions, and Bring back Love and Respect in their Family. So, I decided to help by Introducing this 10 in 1 Kitchen Solution.


Your Testimony can be next in line if you take what am about to show you Seriously.  


Time Waits for No man, The More you doubt, The more other are rushing to get theirs, and this Products is Only Remaining 16 Pieces 


Below are testimonies of some people who have been liberated from Stress of Walking/Driving at Night after Using “This Magical Product”

This thing really makes preparing meals much easier. I think I now use it almost everyday. The blades are Very sharp, so make sure you are careful when you wash it. I really like the way it cuts things in uniformly so that they cook more evenly and make my meals look very presentable. Its great that all the parts fit inside the tool itself also. This is a must have in every kitchen and home like mine.

- Henrietta Aneke (Nigeria)

The options that come with this food chopper are impressive! You can grate, chop, slice and dice all with ease and precision. This is a great compact easy to clean and store unit. I've used it for grating all kinds of veggies and chopping fruit for salads or finger food snacks for my toddler. I really love the uniform look of the chopped food this unit provides.

- Abigail Oluka Saka (Nigeria)

This product is awesome! No more tears cutting onion. This is the tools I needed so bad, and I have cut my kitchen time in half with this. I have not used the cheese grater or the block slicing attachment yet, but will update when I do. I would definitely recommend this item and will be purchasing a few more for gifts. Every kitchen needs one of these.

- Wisdom Joy (Nigeria)


There are so many Testimonies I would have posted here, my I wont due to Time.

Introducing the Magical 10 IN 1 Automatic Chopper


16 Pieces Left in Stock


 When it comes to Cooking, Slicing things like Onion, Vegetables, Fruits like Cucumber , Carrot, and co, it can Take off upto 50% of the time spent Cooking, Say Bye Bye to Bleeding or Lost Finger.

This Solution just Takes Chopping, Cutting, and Slicing Work in the Kitchen to a Whole New Level...With this 10 in 1 Magical Automatic Chopper, You can Cut in 10 Different Ways and Sizes, taking away the Stress and Harm in Slicing, giving you 10X Faster Result than Your usual Knife.


 Hinged Cutting Lid (with a clear container that makes you see what you are chopping and a push button press that makes cleaning easy
 Small Blade Insert (for small and medium size cubes and sticks)
 Large Blade Insert (for large cubes and hardened sticks
 Wedge and Quarter Blade Insert (for eggs, apples, potatoes, fruits and more)
 Cutting Stamp
 Blade Cover
 Dual-Action Swivel Peeler
 Snap-On Fresh Keeping Lid (for sealing and storage) 



 Mandolin Slicer Set 

 Grater Attachment

How You Will Receive and pay...

Note: I am not the one selling the product, I just took it upon myself to show you what worked for me because I notice that many men and women are suffering from lack of knowledge. This product originally goes for N30,000 for a pack but I pleaded with the suppliers for a much more cheaper price so everyone reading this can be able to afford it. We came up with an agreement that anyone who buys by placing an order by filling the form below will get the following discounts….


⬊►Regular (1 Pack)◄ ⬋

Initial Price = N15,000

Promo Price for 1 Pack = N12,500 Only

⬊►VIP (2 Packs)◄⬋

Initial Price = N25,000

Promo Price = N19,999

(Buy 2 Packs at N10,000 Each)

⬊►VVIP (3 Packs)◄⬋


Initial Price = N30,000

Promo Price = N25,500

(Buy 3 Packs at N8,500 Each)

The VVIP Pack is the Most Recommended Solution, And We May Never Import this Again Once the 16 Pieces is Out Of Stock. So If you will like to get this for your Family and Loved ones, as a Gift to a Friend and also if you want to Save Money at once, so you won’t have to keep spending money on this again...


But this Offer will Not be for Everybody and will not Last Forever. So Anyone who needs this Solution, Should Place your Order before the Count Down Timer Below Hits Zero.

Once your order has been received and shipped. The product will be sent to your location - anywhere in Nigeria.

  • Immediately the product gets to your location, the delivery agent will call you to deliver it to you.
  • When the delivery agent comes, you collect the product and give the money to the delivery agent or you transfer the product money to him/her. You dont have to pay for delivery. 

Thats how you will get your product and pay... simple and fast process!!!

100% Money Back Guaranteed

100% replacement guarantee in case of faults and 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied...no arguments or stories.

Simply fill the form below correctly and also choose the one you want to order for by ticking on the package you want (Please be very careful with this part so you dont make mistake).

Once you're done, click on "Submit Now!" button, immediately you click on this, just hold on until the next page which is The "THANK YOU FOR ORDERING" PAGE comes up.  

Note that Address and State is your present location; It's exactly where you want us to deliver the order to you. It could be your office or your home address. is your other number (alternative number), if you dont have any other number, kindly repeat the first number.


To Enjoy this Discount, Be Among the First 16 Persons to Fill the Form Below to Place your Order



Kindly Send Us the Following Details as Text Message to


Simply Text:

Name Of Product

Your Full Name:

Your Phone Number(s):

Your Address(with Nearest Bustop):

City/Local govt/Town/State: 

Once we receive your details, we will call you to confirm your order, and we will ship your package immediately. You will receive the package within 2-5 business days depend on your Location...


Before You Go Ahead To Place An Order, Please Note: 

  • We deliver Nationwide same day or at most 3days and you will only pay when this product has been physically brought down to you face to face by the delivery person. We call it "Payment on Delivery" 
  • Please be sure you are FULLY ready to receive and you have the money to pay at the point of delivery. DON'T PLACE ORDER IF YOU DON'T HAVE The  MONEY.
  • Aside the fact that the discount offer will close very soon, the demand for this product is very high and right now we have very LIMITED Stock and with the look of thing.....anyone that delay to place order might miss out of this. If you really desired getting this product, you have to place order right away. 
  • We are making this Payment on Delivery based on trust. Please be sure you are FULLY ready for this product and the money to pay at the point of delivery is available before you placed order.
  • Cases Like: I don't have money, I travelled, I was just joking with the order and many other unreasonable excuses are heart-breaking and unfair. We use money to send the product to you and we also pay the delivery person... And if you won't be around at the given address, kindly give the money to someone to collect it on your behalf .
  • If you are not financially ready, don’t bother ordering. You can just save my number so once the money is ready, you can order.
  • Do not order if you did not understand this article (read over again)
  • Do not order for someone except you inform them or they asked you to do so. 

Why i am giving this warning is because of some un-serious people.

You know Nigeria is filled with wonderful people. Some people will place an order and when this delivery people call to deliver, the same person that order will give an excuse of how he/she thought i was joking.

Some order and when the delivery agent call to deliver, they give excuses, which is really unfair.

  • In as much as we are not charging for delivery… We pay for delivery. So that is why We are pleading with you to only order if you are ready to receive your order within the estimated days (2 – 5 Days) and you should please keep the money for the product.

You Can Pay For The Product in Cash Or Mobile Transfer

Thanks for your corporation, you can proceed to place order if you are FULLY ready for it.

Address: No 293B Agbani road Akwunanaw
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